The Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) got its start in the late 1930s by a small group of builders. Their goal was to increase the professionalism and quality of the homebuilding industry. Over the years the association has grown to include builders, remodelers, sub-contractors, suppliers, and other professionals who support the building industry. Members subscribe to a defined code of ethics, and all of our builders conform to Minimum Performance Standards for construction and business practices. All builder and remodeler members are licensed through the state of Minnesota and must comply with the rules, regulations, and continuing education requirements set by state statute.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Minnesota (NARI MN) is the second-largest and one of the most progressive of 58 chapters in the United States. We offer our members the advantage of affiliation with a proven remodeling authority, and we provide homeowners the convenience of knowing where to begin their search for an appropriate remodeling partner. Consumers recognize NARI members as industry leaders in their commitment to professionalism, quality and ethics. Homeowners who see the NARI logo on a member’s literature, cards, vehicles or ads will identify that member as a professional, proactive, and service-oriented company worthy of their business.

NARI of MN’s Mission: To be the primary remodeling resource for professionals and consumers by elevating the professionalism of the remodeling industry through expanding Knowledge, building relationships and recognition of industry excellence.

Homeowners can rely on NARI MN members to be industry leaders in their commitment to professionalism, quality and ethics.


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Minnesota, founded in 1892, is the professional association for architects in the state of Minnesota. As a state component of AIA National, with three local chapters, AIA Minnesota has nearly 2,300 members and a staff of eight professionals. AIA Minnesota provides services to all chapters, produces a regional convention, publishes the award-winning magazine Architecture MN, lobbies on behalf of the profession at the state legislature, and delivers continuing education to all members.

Strategic Issues: AIA Minnesota has identified three key messages in order to communicate the value architects bring to their clients and the public.

Advocacy: Architects advocate for their clients and communities and lead the design and delivery process with vision, skill, experience, and passion.

Transformation: Architects transform the needs and aspirations of people through design solutions that evolve and enhance homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and communities.
Envisioning: Architects envision new possibilities and invent the future with expertise and collaboration.